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Max Window Grill has been one of the leaders in Singapore when it comes to window grill designs & installation of homes and commercial buildings. We have been working with homeowners who stay in HDB flats, condominiums, and commercial spaces to provide the best quality window grills installation at an affordable price.

We have been working in the industry for the last five years. The professionalism that we bring made us a successful grille company in Singapore. We have numerous clients all over the city who have hired us for various jobs.

We operate city-wide which means anyone in Singapore can call us to avail of our services. Our contractors come on time wherever you’re located in Singapore. No need to worry about getting delayed work.

Our Models

Top Window Grill Contractor for HDB & Condo

We are a supplier and professional installer of window grilles within Singapore. We have the products you need when you’re looking for a window grille. These are known for their durability, security, and beauty. Every building has their own regulations and standards when it comes to installation or alteration of certain parts of the property. It is important to know these rules first before proceeding with your window grille project with licensed contractors.

HDB Window Grill Installation for old Model

HDB Old Flat does not have strict requirements for window grilles. With this you can be creative with your window grill designs and installation.

HDB Window Grill Installation for new Model

HDB will be providing at most three designs for window grilles that you can choose from. This is important for the developer to ensure a more unified look of the properties.

Condominiums Window Grill Installation

Condominium developers have their own set of window grill designs, as well. Most if not all condominiums will also try to have a unified exterior look for all units, so it’s best to check ahead for these required designs.

Highly Customizable Window Grill

Our professional team will take care of everything once you’ve made your order. We also sell door grilles for clients in Singapore. You can expect great quality and fair rates from us when you hire us.

Our company offers customisation for your window grille to help get what you want which is both protection and beauty. Many factors come into the decision, and we will accommodate all your needs. There are sizes, and other costs entailed.

With all the choices, it’s important you can decide to get the look you want. This would be an important consideration once the project commences.

The Popularity of Window Grill in Singapore

For older people, we all remember the time that a window grill would be those thin bars installed that form sort of gauze for your window. Those days are behind us because today’s window grilles are made of aluminium and pliable metal. There are a lot more choices for customers looking for good looking window grilles.

These window grilles were installed for safety purposes. But, with the technology today these windows now add to the aesthetic of any home not just protect it. Manufacturers do this by using strong materials for protection and incorporating design ideas to give it a decorative purpose as well.

You can now buy window grilles of varying types made with different materials, using different designs, and other unique features. The classic wrought iron grill or the flexible invisible window grilles are just some of the more popular types of grilles in the world.

Types of Window Grilles

The Installation Process of Grilles

A window grill project will follow these general steps:

  1. Selection of window grill and informing us through WhatsApp.
  2. Hiring of window grill contractor.
  3. Purchase of window grill following the quotation that we provided.
  4. Installation of window grill on-site once we’ve measured the fit of the door frame.
  5. Checking and inspection of the installation team.

Some processes happen within such as payment and other decisions by the owner, but these typically happen during an actual window grill installation. No need to worry because we’ve got you covered.

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“Quick services! We find their service highly satisfactory! Thank you!”

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Joy Yuen

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