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Supplies Various Type of Aluminium Window Grilles at Low Pricemotion & Price in Singapore

Give your window that much needed upgrade with our easy to install and design aluminium windows fit for almost every property type. Our licensed contractors have years of experience in dealing with different properties, so you are assured of neat and quality work on your windows.

Aluminium windows offer a sleek and modern look to any property, without hurting the pocket. Choose from the different types of aluminium windows that best match your design and budget.

Type of Aluminium Windows Grill

  • Aluminium Sliding Window Grill
    This is one of the famous types of aluminium window. The design is versatile but also functional enough to provide sufficient ventilation while being space efficient.
  • Aluminium Casement Window Grill
    This is one of the most common window designs that can easily fit both traditional and modern aesthetics. This window come with a handle for easy swinging, while some casement now have push buttons for opening.
  • Aluminium Window Grill with Top Hung
    Fully functional design especially for areas where some furniture are blocking the area where the window should be opened. The top hung is also convenient for providing ventilation without having to worry about external elements from entering the area.
  • Lattice Design Casement Window Grill
    Intricately designed windows that is sure to make any property stand out. Apart from being attractive, lattice casement windows are also proven to be energy efficient.
  • Double Layer sliding Window Grill
    Upgrade your window into something weather-proof, intruder-secured, and energy-efficient. Double layer sliding window gives you that traditional and neat looking window, but also with added security from various external factors.

Our Aluminium Design & Model

Benefits of Aluminium window

Investing in an aluminium window is one your best investments for your property. While there may be costs involved, you can easily reap the benefits of the aluminium window. Here’s how:

1) Energy-efficiency
Aluminium perform well in reducing carbon footprint and heat circulation. As a result, several properties with aluminium windows used less heating and cooling units, reducing their energy cost up to three times less. This savings in electricity expenses alone readily outweigh the cost for installing the windows.

2) Value for Money
Compared to other types of windows, aluminium windows are actually easier and cheaper to install. Once installed, these windows are basically low-maintenance, as well. Aluminium can even be used as the finished product. However, if you would like additional protection, you can coat it.

3) Good for the environment
Aluminium is one of the most environment-friendly metal, due to its high recyclability. By choosing aluminium windows, you are also reducing waste in your community.

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