Factors to Consider Prior to Installing Window Grill

Window grill has been one of the staple parts of a house. It does not only add aesthetic value but also secures the entire property. They are also considered to be one of the most worthy investment for any home, due to their proven durability.

If you still have not installed grills for your windows, make sure to take into consideration these factors to avoid irreparable damages to your home. Knowing about these considerations will also make the entire process easier and more fun.

Materials to be Used

Not all window grills are created equal. While the most common material used is iron, there are still many types of metal that can be designed into a window grill. Here are some of your top options:

  • Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is thinner and more flexible, and are thus commonly used for grills and gates that require intricate designs. Although it is thin, wrought iron is also known to have the same durability as its thicker counterpart, cast iron.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials used for grills and gates. This is commonly used in areas with harsh weather conditions, due to its resilience to changing temperature.

  • Iron

Among all types of iron, this is considered as the most available and affordable. Regardless of its thickness, it can still be moulded into different designs, meeting both function and style. The only disadvantage is that iron requires more maintenance due to its vulnerability to rusting.

  • Steel

Steel grills are widely known for their sophisticated look, which makes them ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Unlike iron, steel is more resistant to external factors including weather and moisture.

  • Wood

For those who are more concerned about design and budget, wood grills prove to be a unique choice. However, homeowners should not solely rely on this type of grills for security.

Developer Regulations

Unfortunately, not all property developers allow window grills. Some would permit it, but with limitations. With this, it would be more practical to consult with your developer first regarding the allowable grills to be installed prior to buying your window grill. Also, note that some developers have their own list of accredited contractors for any renovations like installation of window grills.

Intricacy of Design

One of the most exciting parts in considering a window grill is the many design possibilities that you can have. You can have the freedom to choose the patterns that best suit the existing of your property. Most if not all of the window grills are customizable. If you want a more intricate design, wrought iron is the most recommended material for the window grill. This is due to its sufficient flexibility, without compromising security.

Gaps and Security Level

This should be one of the most crucial considerations, in order to make the most out of your window grills. Apart from the design, you also need to determine ahead how wide the gaps are. For those who have pets and children around, the gaps need to be smaller to prevent any untoward incident.

Make sure that you have all these considered prior to contacting your contractor to provide a smooth installation process.

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