Practical Tips to Clean Aluminium Window Grills

So, you finally had your aluminium window grills installed. It’s time to finally enjoy the view, with some peace of mind that the property is now more secured that it used to. Aluminium window grills are considered as one of the top investments for any property. They cost less than any other metal materials but last the same way as the more expensive ones.

Aluminium as a material is also known to be highly resistant to rust. This means that can last for a number of years, with the same look and quality. Although this type of window grill is apparently low maintenance, there are still some cleaning routine that can ideally be done to make it last even longer. Luckily, there are more ways than one to do it.

1) Basic Cleaning with Water

To get rid of accumulated dirt and dust on the grills, you can simply use a soft cloth and clean water to wipe the aluminium at least once a week. This retains the natural shine of the aluminium without ruining the metal, too much.

2) Use hot water for stubborn dirt

There are some locations that are more prone to oil and grime, and this can stick to your aluminium frames and grills. This type of dirt can be difficult to remove with the normal cloth and water solution. The trick is to use hot water to get rid of the stubborn dirt. This is a good way to sanitize your grills, at the same time.

3) Soft bristles brush for major cleaning

You can also use special brushes specifically designed for smooth surfaces like aluminium. Otherwise, any soft bristle brush can be used to clean the aluminium grills. While cloth and water will usually remove the dirt, brushing will ensure that the tight corners on the grills are cleaned, as well. For window frames, these accumulated but less visible dirt can cause the window to not function efficiently. Brushing can be done less frequently.

4) Water and vinegar

We all know about the many advantages of vinegar as a cleaning solution. Fortunately, this also works well for aluminium surfaces. As a matter of fact, compared to the regular clean water, adding vinegar to the solution is known to preserve the original shine of the aluminium grills, while also ensuring that it is clean enough.

5) Cleaning Service

We understand that no matter how easy and affordable those steps may be, the struggle will be with finding the time to do it. This is particularly a challenge for larger properties with more grills installed. With this, a practical solution is to simply hire a cleaning service for the aluminium grills, or for the rest of the house. Professional cleaning companies are aware of what is safe to use for various surfaces, so you can be assured that your aluminium grills are in good hands.

One of the benefits of using aluminium for window grills is actually the lesser effort for maintenance. As discussed above, it can be cleaned at almost no cost, and without much effort. This is one of the reasons why aluminium window grills have good value for money.


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