Common Installation Mistakes with Invisible Window Grilles

The market for window grilles now includes invisible window grilles. You can find these products inside on apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial buildings. The design and aesthetic benefit make it popular with modern house designs.

You can install them anywhere in your home and it facilitates your imagination in terms of the design. There are stairways, laundry rooms, balconies, room ledge, fences, and safety railing could really help them.

There are now homeowners who want invisible grilles than the common aluminium grille right now. They don’t want an obstructive grille which is why they want an invisible grille. It also helps with the aesthetic appeal of homes.

Installing an invisible window grille can help you with the design and theme of your home. But, there are common mistakes that happen when you try to install them. These are a few of the regularly reported window grille installation mistakes.

Excess stainless steel cable gap

Gaps between your stainless steel cable should follow the recommended distance by the supplier, manufacturer, or regulation. Many don’t follow this recommendation and decide on their own. This does not allow your window grille to work its safety features. The gap should be small enough to keep your children or pets from slipping through it to keep them safe and secure inside.

Installation in HDB and landed buildings

Companies don’t recommend installing an invisible window grille on a landed property or an apartment building classified under HDB. You want an invisible grille that has a security system which means it could get expensive.

Installing an invisible grille with a security system enhances your security but it can also cost you a lot of money. You also don’t want an invisible grill if there are burglars around since they look bare and many would try to attempt to steal from your apartment.

It would be highly recommended to choose an alternative like an iron or aluminium grille with a lock and key. You want to avoid damages because of regular intruders trying to break in since they think an invisible grille is easy to get into even if it’s not.

Window size considerations

An invisible grille should fit the size of your window easily. You should measure your window right away if you plan to get an invisible grille installed. The design considerations you’re planning should include this because you don’t want a mismatched window grille with your overall design. Don’t waste your money installing a window grille that doesn’t fit. It would be great if you can talk with a professional designer to keep this from happening.

Match with your furniture

Make a survey of your furniture before you install an invisible window grille. You want them to match because it might mess with the theme you want for your home. It would be a good idea to properly match them before they’re installed because of mismatched features.

An invisible grille brings many benefits like clean style, modern look, non-obstructive, and give more security. You don’t want to compromise it by an improperly installed feature like an invisible window grille. Find a professional installer for your window grille and reduce the risk of bad installation. Call one now!


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