Wrought Iron vs Aluminium: What’s the better material for your grille?

The window grille design is an important concern for many homeowners. And with many different design and materials to choose from, it can be daunting for someone who wants to choose one. You need to check out these tips to know what to choose.

Aluminium Grille

You find aluminium grilles everywhere nowadays. It’s strong because it doesn’t easily bend when pressure is applied to it. It is solid enough to withstand impact from the outside while maintaining the tensile property of aluminium.

What is great about an aluminium grille is the weight. It is much easier to carry which makes it easier to install. The installation of an aluminium window grille would be quicker than when installing a grille made of a much heavier material.

A typical aluminium grille doesn’t accumulate dust and dirt that easily making it easier to clean and maintain. However, you still need to take care of it because the damaging effects of the harsh environment will quickly make your aluminium grille look old.

Wrought Iron Grill

Durability is what people buy when they purchase a wrought iron window grille. It is known for the classic look it gives but it’s also very secure. You can’t easily bend or break this grill without power tools because of the strong iron used.

A custom design will give you that nice artsy look for your window grille. It can look pretty tough from the outside which is why homeowners would adopt a bendy curvy design. The right paint job will also make it a very attractive piece of the installation.

Iron can easily rust without proper maintenance. You have to regularly check the paint of your wrought iron grille to make sure the iron isn’t exposed to the harsh environment too long because the rust may affect its overall look.

Thick wrought iron grilles are fairly common because they are sturdy and will be great to look at. A manufacturer will have a hard time shaping your grill to your specifications. However, you get the best design and security for this installation.

There are many ways you can adjust your wrought iron grille to what you want. Choosing hollow sections will make it lighter much like an aluminium grille. Other design options are also available depending on the manufacturer your hire.

What to choose?

It will really depend on your priorities. The security and design battle would be the two main things to consider. An aluminium grill can withstand the harsh environment better than a wrought iron grille but the latter is more durable and more secure.

Customize the design of your grilles with curves, unique heads, and other patterns that you like. You can pair that with a more secure grille and you will get the best of worlds. The right window grill material will improve both the beauty and security of your house.


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