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Grab The Best Invisible Window Grill Promotion & Price in Singapore

Welcome! We are one of the top contractors that supply and install invisible window grilles in Singapore. An apartment or condominium would have a great view but might need a protecting grill to keep it safe from robbers. This is where an invisible grill comes in because it does not obstruct the view from the inside but provides the protection that the homeowners need.

What is invisible window grille & its benefits

The invisible window grille will give you a clear view of the outside world from inside your apartment window. The grill is not obstructive which means that if you have your home located in an area that offers a great view, then you will be able to enjoy that view daily.

An invisible grill gives your home that modern look and feels that will impress your visitors as well. They are not bulky which means they are easy to install. It also allows the aesthetic you’re going for to pop out and be noticeable from the outside too.

A quality invisible window grill from us withstands impact and will last a long time. This protects your interior window and keeps your family safe too. On top of that, you also get to enjoy the view.

Our products make of the highest quality materials. They are not only going to give you the functions that you want from any grill. You can also receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you have a quality grill protecting your building or house.

The Common Type of Invisible grille for Windows

Folding Invisible Grilles are the perfect installation for people who want something that can be tucked away. It can protect them like a standard invisible grill, but it can also be removed if you want to go with a no-grill atmosphere for your home. These invisible grills are great for those who want the minimal obstruction and can be transferred to other locations in your home as well.

The Installation Process for Invisible Window Grill with Us

  • Using your Whatsapp, you can contact us via the app or the contact numbers we provided in our site which is at maxwindowgrill.com. You can send the specs of your window or other parts of your home that you want an invisible grille to be installed in.
  • Just wait a few hours for a proper quote for the specifications that was defined. These are standards rates that we offer to our clients, and it is priced competitively when considering the service providers in Singapore.
  • We will do the fitting for you getting the right measurements so that the invisible grill that will be installed shall be the right one for your home or space.
  • We will have the grill ready for installation as soon as possible. Once it’s there, then we will proceed with the installation project with our professional installation team.

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“You don’t see the window grill which makes it perfect for the condo unit we have on the top floor. Great job Max! “

Ivy Tien

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