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Supplies Various Type of Wrought Iron Window Grill for HDB, Condo & Landed Properties at Low Price

When it comes to the security of your property, it’s important to never settle for less, especially around any possible entry points of a house or building. However, security does not have to look bulky or unattractive.

Our Window Grille services are precisely created to provide our clients with the security that they need, but without compromising the overall aesthetics of the place. You will be amazed with how many beautiful yet functional designs of wrought iron window grille you can choose from.

You can check out our portfolio or we can also provide you with more design inspirations. Contact us today to see learn more.

Why Wrought Iron for Window Grills?

Wrought Iron has been popularly used as added security feature for both doors and windows. While there are many types of grills out there, what makes wrought iron really ideal is its high security feature. Apart from that, here are more benefits that you can enjoy from this type of grills.

  1. Versatility – when we think of sturdy materials for grills, we would easily think that it can be re-designed. This is not the case with wrought iron that has been long known for their versatility in terms of function and design.
  2. Low Maintenance – unlike other materials for grills, wrought iron can be installed one day and all you have to do in the succeeding years is to simply wipe it with cloth once dust start to accumulate. Wrought iron grilles are known to be resistant to external elements, which make them ideal for exposed parts of the house. To further reduce risks possibilities of corrosion simply coat it with any color that best fits the look of the entire house.
  3. High quality – wrought iron is proven to be worth your investment given that they meant to last for many years, compared to its aluminum counterpart. They can also provide maximum security given that this material cannot be easily bent, making it harder for intruders to enter the property through your grilles.

Ideal Gap for Wrought Iron Window Grille

There is no strict rule on the gap for your window grill but your licensed grill contractor will always but safety as the main concern. The most common gaps for windor grille in Singapore is 5 inches. This is considered as a child-friendly gap, but is also tested to be intruder-proof.

However, there are houses that have pets and would not want them to get out through the window, our contractors would suggest a 2-inch gap.

Whatever the gap in the grill is, you can always trust to have a great design for your window grill with us.

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“You don’t see the window grill which makes it perfect for the condo unit we have on the top floor. Great job Max! “

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