Different Window Grilles for your home

There are maybe hundreds of manufacturers who sell their window grilles to customers in the country. Many of the contractors offering their own take in terms of the design, features, and other materials. However, despite the variety, you can basically group these window grilles to a few types:

  1. Removable
  2. In-between glass, and
  3. Simulated.


This type of window grille features a strong design which would be different from other manufacturers. It acts as a frame for the window panes which allows it secures the interior part of the window with a pin system to hold it in place.

These installations make it easy enough to clean the window. There is also that dimension in the interior that makes this window grille a secure modification for any window. You can also customize it depending on the manufacturer.

In-between glass

The bars that you see in between glass are made from aluminum. These bars are installed between window panes which also acts as the insulator and the division for your window panes. It helps in cleaning the window panes much easier too.

These in-between window grilles help with the security and design but it doesn’t affect how you clean or maintain your windows. Any coating you have can still be applied on the window without any interference from the window grille. Find out more benefit here.


Simulated window grilles give you that look of having window panes despite it not actually being there. This helps in making your home more energy efficient because it acts as an insulator not allowing energy leaks from your home.

This window grille has bars that are installed on the glass. The bars seen from the inside and outside are latched on to the glass. A spacer bar is also installed in the space between the glass which is where the insulation is found.

A window grille like this uses one pane as for the insulation. It keeps the energy in by giving your window some form of insulation. The bars on the outside are finished to match the whole window that you have installed.




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