Five Unique Advantages of Choosing Wrought Iron Grill

Wrought iron is one of the most common materials used for window grills. It is a top priority of contractors since it is easy to work on in terms of designing. It is also already a well-known fact that wrought iron is durable and affordable, compared to other metal available in the market today.

However, for those who are also considering this for their window grill, there are not so well-known advantages that you can reap from choosing wrought iron material. These advantages are usually only realized once you’ve had the window grill for a long time.

Lower Insurance Premiums

This is a lesser known fact among homeowners, but most insurance companies actually quote for a lower amount of insurance premium for houses with installed wrought iron grills. Although there is no written agreement or rule on this yet, some experts contend that this has something to do with the overall security of the house. This means it is less prone to risks such as robbery and even deteriorating exterior due to the quality of the material used. The overall aesthetics that wrought iron provides to the property likewise enhances its value, which most insurance companies tend to trust more.


Window grills are only often associated with added security and design. However, a more indirect benefit from having wrought grill installed is free flowing air. You can confidently open your windows especially during colder weather without fear of burglars entering through the windows, or your pets getting out. Homeowners with their own wrought iron window grill reported lesser electricity bills, as well. So, you may spend for the installation of the wrought iron, but you are also able to save in the long term.

Low Maintenance

Among all types of materials used for window grill, wrought iron is popularly known for its resilience to rusting and dirt. This means lesser maintenance for the homeowner. Moreover, wrought iron is generally durable, so there is no need to change it often. As a matter of fact, most people with wrought iron for window grills find themselves no longer changing it at all. For re-designing purposes, the grills can simply be painted (or repainted), which is also proven to extend its lifespan.

Endless Design Options

One of the reasons while metalworkers love wrought iron is because it is very easy to work on. As a result, there are now so many available designs for wrought iron window grill made, and you can even customize your own design. Wrought iron is thick and durable enough to provide the necessary security, but also thin enough to be designed into basically almost anything. It’s simply the best compromise, both for the artisan and the homeowner.

Alternate Signage

You can also utilize wrought iron to serve as signage. It can be designed into words or letters, which some commercial properties use. You have a multipurpose grill but with lesser cost. Make sure to talk to an experienced artisan to achieve this.

However, in order to make sure that you actually experience these advantages, it is important to choose a reliable supplier and contractor that provide the real and high-quality wrought iron.

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