Window Grille Designs for your home

Your house’s window is an important entry point. You open it to let air in. The first light of the morning shines through your window. Many people also have the habit of peering out through their window to look outside. These are some of the well-known functions of your house’s window.

Aesthetics is also a focus of many homeowners which is why they try to beautify their home with a window grille. These installations can add to the design theme of the external part of your home. Aside from that, it can also be built to protect from outside elements that can enter through your window.

A window grille that gives protection need not be designed like a dull piece of metal attached to the side of your home. Base on our experiences as a window grill expert, you can easily classify the window grille based on the design incorporated to this functional installation.

Decorative Grilles

There are wrought iron grilles that have a classic design for your windows. These can be decorative because the bars can incorporate different design elements. Many try to buy window grilles of this type that have intricate ornamental shapes. You can also incorporate wave and other design patterns depending on the theme you’re going for in your house. All of them are weather proof which is added protection for your home.

Minimalist Grilles

There is something to be said about simplicity even for window grilles. Designs that resemble jail bars are a thing among homeowners who want a simple design. Many try to accentuate the grille with bright colors to make the simple design stand out.

Rod-style window grilles are also common in kitchen windows. These are usually installed on a wooden frame. It adds a little bit of a more homey feel to your kitchen. You should be diligent at cleaning this type of grille because the oil and dirt can accumulate on it.

You also can’t go wrong with grilles on a square window frame. You can find these designs in many French homes. It makes your entire window look bigger giving you an even better view of the outside as well.

Modern Grilles

Screen grilles are popular among modern home designers nowadays. They build the grille in such a way that it acts like a wall. It adds space to the entry because it would give the illusion of one space. Many find this chic design very appealing which is why it has grown in popularity.

There are also other grilles such as the invisible window grill.


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